Another Story! Women who inspire us!

12:18 AM

Sajida, Age 20 is from a small village in Sindh Province of Pakistan. She belongs to a village where education for girls is almost an impossibility but she was among those who constantly struggled to change the minds of her family and go to a school nearby. Although it was not easy but she got permission for her primary education and was enrolled in the school. Soon a devastating thing happened in Sajida's life when in the age of 16 she, while traveling back from another district with her mother and uncle in a vehicle she faced a big accident on road while which happened in the middle of nowhere where not many people were seen. Sajida didn't know what happened,she only saw her mother, uncle and cousins in blood and pools while pools of fall off her forehead, in this condition of pain and shock and surrounded by questioning people she remembered by heart the number of her uncle back in village which she shared with the people and soon everyone from her village was there to get them! She lost her mother and relatives in that accident but taught everyone a big lesson about the importance of education! She was later allowed for her further studies till the tenth grade and recently Sughar has selected her to be the facilitator for adult literacy in the Sughar Center of her village where she is a role model for all of us!

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